Edgar Allan Poe died on October 7, 1849 at the Washington College Hospital in Baltimore. The events surrounding his death have remained an enigma. The Poe Shadow constructs "an intriguing chain of theories" (The New York Times) using new and definitive evidence.

Above is a compilation of original obituaries and articles about Poe's death. The New York Herald is the most complete obituary published, and The Providence Daily Journal, published about one year later, may be the most insightful. Click on the image above to look more closely at the montage.




In the weeks before his death, Poe asked his aunt Maria Clemm to send him a letter to Philadelphia addressed to "E. S. T. Grey." This image above is from the Philadelphia Public Ledger on October 3, 1849 and informs readers what letters were waiting for pick up. Look closely at the "Gentlemen's List" here and you will find the name "Grey, E. S. F." -- precisely at the same time a letter from Maria Clemm addressed to Poe under that name would have arrived at the post office. This was likely the last letter sent to Poe in his lifetime. The existence of this waiting letter has never before been known, and this list is reprinted for the first time on this site and in The Poe Shadow, where its implications are explored and the reasons why Poe used this alias in this final days are finally revealed.







During the last weeks of Edgar Allan Poe's life, he had planned to visit Philadelphia to edit a book of poems by a writer named Maurgerite St. Leon Loud. Poe died, but Loud ultimately did publish her poetry book in 1851. Identified for the first time on this site and in The Poe Shadow, this document, "The Stranger's Doom" (reproduced at left from 1851 edition) is one of the last poems in Loud's volume and may be the first poem ever written about Poe's funeral. What it reveals about Poe's death is uncovered in The Poe Shadow.



Want more? Another discovery by Matthew Pearl about Poe's possible medical condition is revealed in this article. Matthew Pearl's full 50 page document "A Poe Death Dossier: Discoveries and Queries in the Death of Edgar Allan Poe" has been published in the Edgar Allan Poe Review (see Other Works).

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